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What is act?

The Israel Association of Cinema and Television Professionals (ACT) was founded in 1989 and was lawfully registered as a nonprofit organization in 1994. All of the technical and artistic departments are represented in the association: Camera Department (Directors of photography, camera operators and assistants), Assistant Directors, Script Supervisors, Art Department ( Art Directors, set dressers, property masters, construction and assistants), Lighting technicians, Grips, Sound Department, Location Managers, Wardrobe Department and Makeup Artists. ACT currently has 730 members, and membership is growing.

ACT’s Activities:

ACT works to improve and promote the professional status of its members, to protect their financial and professional interests, to protect their rights and represent them in talks with production, broadcast, regulatory and legislative bodies. ACT works to foster solidarity and a sense of belonging among its members.

Ongoing Work:

ACT handles labor agreements and terms of employment for its members.

ACT visits working film and television sets regularly to check the production conditions and the professionalism of its members.

ACT handles negotiations with production companies at the request of its members and protects their rights, providing free legal advice or, in certain cases, legal defense at the expense of the association.

The Cultural Aspect:

ACT has an active website. It also offers relevant seminars to its members. Development of cultural activity is an important component for the association, as broadening our cultural education is what drives the artistic aspect of our work.

The Professional Aspect:

ACT membership represents a film crew in its entirety and strives to keep a high level of professionalism and work ethic. As well as implementing standards for acceptance into the association, ensuring the quality of its members. Maintaining high standards and keeping knowledge current through professional enrichment programs.

Parliamentary Work:

ACT plays an active role in legislative processes in the various Knesset committees, while working alongside other film related associations on issues such as the Cinema Law, the Communications Law, the Broadcasting Authority, regulation and more.

Professional Agreements:

ACT has employment agreement with several organizations in the industry, including: Israeli Film & TV Producers Association, various Advertising Producers, Keshet Broadcasting and Israel Channel 10; Defining terms of employment in the cinema and television industry in Israel is a fundamental component of ACT’s objectives. ACT works with all of the players in the industry to improve work conditions.

Insurance for ACT Members:

ACT is committed to working to improve the working conditions and work environments of its members. ACT has acquired insurance coverage for its members.

The insurance policies offered include:

*Third-party insurance that covers all ACT members.

* Personal accident insurance – optional.

* Health insurance – optional.

Further information may be found on our website.

Administrative Work:

ACT operates under its bylaws. Strict adherence to proper work procedures in management of ACT is one of our founding principles.

ACT’s budget is currently based on membership fees along with governmental funding. By increasing the financial resources available to ACT, it will be possible for the association to develop and become more powerful in its work with members and external organizations. To this end, ACT must increase its income and set up an advanced and audited financial management system.

The Chairman of ACT Board of Directors

ACT members elect the Chairman of its board of Directors. The Chairman of the board is a prominent leading figure in Israeli culture. The Chairman is required to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the association as well as an active figure in the film and television industry. The Chairman’s positions is pro bono. The Chairman is expected to lead the organization alongside the board of Directors, which is comprised of representatives of all departments in the ACT. Together they comprise policies and are responsible for its implementation. In addition to the Board of Directors, there are different committees that deal with specific issues that may arise.

Projects Manager of the ACT

The Projects Manager of Act is its member’s representative with lawmakers, broadcasters and production companies. As such, the Manager will promote the interests of ACT members on cultural, social and economic well-being. The Project Manager is responsible for ACTs day-to-day operations according to the goals set by the Board of Directors. The Project Manager is a not-for-profit organization administrator and is committed to complying with the prescribed conditions per law. He is elected by the general membership of ACT and is committed to advance their interests. The Project Manager is held accountable to the members of the Boards of Directors and the various committees in ACT. Committee participation is voluntary; therefore, the Project Manager must encourage and regulate their activities.